Introducing Me

Hi this is my first post. Sorry for bad english. I just try to write some article in english language. So here we go, in bahasa there is a proverb “tak kenal maka tak sayang” sooo let me introduce ma self.

My name is Sirin Huwaida but in the school they usually call me sirin but sometimes my bestfriend call me wida or some weird nickname. You can call me everything you like:> I was born in Bekasi, 15th June 1999 now i’m in 10th grade of high school some people said your best memories is in high school and now i’m trying to make all my times in high school can feel so great hohoho. I join some organisation in my school and it the best feelling ever trust me. you can know many people in your school not just your classmate but your senior too. I’m really proud of my self can be one of that orginasation. lets join organisation or anything activity like that in your school. what are you waiting for guyss?

See you in another post guysss